About Us

Who We Are?

The world today is filled with intellectuals. Every technical aspect and development succeeds in distancing man from his human self in order to make him efficient. An education that caters not only to the intellect but also to the soul and the Education which has not lost its touch with our ANCIENT VALUES and PRINCIPLES is the need of the hour , where comes NATIONAL VIDYALAYA.

Located in an area of 2 acres, the school is well equipped with Classrooms, Furniture. and other necessary infrastructures to facilitate a clean and serene environment for the appropriate atmosphere.

The School provides best Education that equips the students with knowledge, not only for a successful career, but also for coping with the complex problems of life, which mould them into integrated human beings. The Students are enveloped in comfort, convenience and hygienic atmosphere. We take care of them as parents and monitor every child's progress by giving special attention needed then and there. Our methodology espouses the inner talents of the children by bringing out their artistic and creative potentials.
Ours is an unique place where students learn to integrate and acquire competency together with inner harmony. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. This enables the school to sail in the National Stream. A very healthy teacher student ratio 1:25 is maintained to facilitate are individual attention and better learning process.

Our Vision and Mission

Knowledge should not be marketed as a commodity. The School thrives on the motto "Love, Sacrifice and Sadhana (achievement)". Based on the Twin principles of Discipline and Self Respect , the school teaches the young minds to Share, Care , and Adjust to Community living. Remarks mean more than marks. Kindness , Concern and Understanding only make students obedient, "Beating up children and chiding will lead nowhere..." Undue importance to memorization and too much assignments put too much pressure on the child.